Monday, December 3, 2007

Midnight Oil Lead Named Australia's New Environment Minister

I'm crossing my fingers; I'm praying to the Great One above; I feel it in the air. Can't you feel it? A change is coming. Better days? Well, I'm taking the news that Peter Garrett, the former lead singer of Midnight Oil (A totally bitchin' band), being named as Australia's new environment minister in the new Australian government as a sign.

From The Guardian by Barbara McMahon:
"Former Midnight Oil rocker named Australia's environment minister" —

For 25 years Peter Garrett was the frontman of Midnight Oil, an Australian rock band known for its raucously loud music and protest songs about social and environmental issues. Then the bald 6ft 6in singer hung up his microphone, disbanded the group and exchanged his rock star clothes for the sombre suits of a politician.

After a meteoric rise through the ranks of Australia's Labor party, he was yesterday named environment minister in the newly elected government. The 54-year-old said he was "excited and humbled" by the opportunity.

It wasn't even supposed to be. The Bush Administration's supported conservative John Howard who has been the Prime Minister since 1992, Australlia's longest serving prime mininster. But "Kevin Rudd is Australia’s new prime minister, after his Labor Party inflicted a crushing defeat on the conservative coalition government of John Howard" (The Economist), a government that from this side of the world look perfectly atrocious. Under Howard's tenure, Australia have become even worse polluters than the US: "Australia has the highest per capita level of greenhouse gas emissions in the developed world." (The Sydney Morning Herald). Not to mention the race riots.

So better days are coming? Maybe. Well, at least, let's enjoy the day and believe so!


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