Thursday, June 21, 2007

Updates to the store

I'm almost done with the updates. This sure would be easier if I had a team of engineers instead of just little ol' me!

Here are the updates that are currently in the system as of today:

  • The search results page has been updated.
    -- It used to just give a listing of the search results and a link to the books. Now you get a nice picture of the books and some more information like the subject, availability, price, etc...

  • Personalization
    -- Now Indigo will know who you are when you log in. This is needed for the next improvement to work.

  • Bookshelves!
    -- This is a big addition to Indigo. Bookshelves will allow you to save the books that you like and in a grouping of your choosing. You can name your bookshelves and share them with your friends.

  • New membership categories: Basic, Full, and Affiliate.
    -- Now you can join Indigo without giving us all your information. We will only ask for purchase information when you purchase (what a concept!)

  • Lot's of backend changes that you don't need to know about

  • Increase security verification

  • A redesign of the site header layout (I did this earlier in the year)

  • And Widgets, Baby! Yeah, We Bad! We Bad!
    -- These are widgets of an Indigo bookshelf! I'm just finishing up this code and will be making it available soon. I need to design the GUI (Graphical User Interface).

    See the sidebar of this blog for an exmple of the cycling widget under "What I'm Reading Now". See examples of the double and triple columns are shown on the bottom of the sidebar. The column layout widget of a bookshelf will be available for single, double, and triple columns.
Woo! That's a lot of stuff. I hope to open again really, really soon. So thanks for being so patient with me.


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