Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Film: Woodstock

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I must admit my hippie past. Well, not really, I'm too young for that. But I can admit that my neighborhood growing up was full of hippies. They were sooo cool! They wore beautiful flowing clothes and were so gentle and kind. They were my first impression of white people in this country — I'm originally from England and came here when I was very young — so I thought that all white people here were like this for most of my formative years. (Ahh, if only it were so!) I think that deep down inside we all have some of the hippie in us. The person who wants to be free and easy. The one who wants to fight the power and have no doubts that they can change the world.

I watched Woodstock this weekend on VH1 Classics only intending to see a little bit. Not possible. Richie Havens, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Sly and the Family Stone, and (Oh, God!) Jimi Hendrix, And the mud! I loved seeing all those people sliding up and down in the slick mess proclaiming that even a down pour of water will not dampen the joy that they feel out there on Yasgur's farm. It's strange to think that all of those young faces are now ready for retirement. I would have giving the film 5 stars if it wasn't for Joan Baez. Nice lady, but I can't stand her voice. To each their own.

This dude that I used to share CDs with at my old job told me that he was at Woodstock. So I asked him how it was. "Umm, well, umm, I remember arriving and, well, umm, I think, umm, ..." He was there! Hey, if you can remember you weren't there, man. But seriously, It's really cool to see this movie for the music but it's also cool to see how everyone pulled together for 3 days of a little peace, love, and understanding. We can all use something like this right now, some good friends, good times, and good music.


Miss Vicki said...

Oh yeah, I pride myself in being a Hippie Flower Child, at least from the free spirit easy living and progressive thinking, that it embraces.

Man, Sly and The Family Stone, plus Jimi! You took me on a ride, I left my work station and computer, thanks for that. I'm going to purchase that I could use it.

Talk to you later.

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