Monday, May 21, 2007

New books in the store

I've been trying to concentrate more on fiction titles of late. The publishing world has been pumping out a lot of really great non-fiction titles so they are very easy to find. But good new fiction titles are more of a challenge ... Well, I like challenges! Here are some titles that I found for today:

The Opposite House by Helen Oyeyemi. Of this title a review from the Guardian says —

... Oyeyemi withholds information even as she cascades aromatic phrases. The lulling rhythms are cut by arresting shards: a silver satin dress that 'makes its wearer look newly wept' or teeth 'laddered with blood'. Lushly textured language and an interiorised personal mythology can be hard work ... The Opposite House feels undeniably personal, even slightly mad. Will Oyeyemi continue to strike off in her own direction? And will she take us with her?
(sounds exciting, doesn't it?)

The Tent by Margaret Atwood. This is her new collection of short stories. I've been reading a lot of Ms. Atwood's work lately (there is so much to choose from!) and I really like her writing style and her rich imagination. She easily submerges you into her world of unusually circumstances. You may feel like you're drowning but you will also find yourself holding your breath long enough to see how things turn out.

I've just become aware of Kiran Desai (always one step behind!) I heard her read a little bit at this year's PEN Literary Festival. She is an untested new author for me but I heard enough from her to know that I want to hear more. Here are her two latest books:


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