Sunday, April 15, 2007

World Music in NYC?

When I moved here to Brooklyn (omygosh!) 7 years ago it was with the misunderstanding that African music would be everywhere and easy to access. I was spoiled by my home town's own World Music Organization. Surely, I thought, NYC would have a bigger and better setup. Oh, was I wrong! Initially, I thought that BAM would be that organization. What a disappointment they are. They have terrible programming and even worse community relations. Damn! What's the hell wrong with them? Angelique Kidjo lives down the street in Park Slope! (I think they are cultural racists. I know this from personal experience which I may go into more at some later date.)

World Music was awesome! And I miss them so! Fantastic acts from all over the world right in my little city of Cambridge, MA. The dance troupes would even give classes to us Laypeople at the Dance Complex in Central Square. But now I've found the World Music Institute here in NYC. It looks pretty good so far. I'll have to keep an eye on them. But they have some very big shoes to fill in my eyes.


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