Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When You Vote, Will Your Vote Be Counted?

The campaigns are basically over and Obama has won. The issue at hand now is the election. How will the votes be counted? Will your vote count? Mark Crispin Miller appeared on Bill Moyers Journal to speak about the security of the vote.

See the video

... when you vote, will your vote be counted? Since the fiasco in Florida in 2000 and the questions about Ohio in 2004, fears abound about the security of our election system.

Just this week, Common Cause and two other public interest groups issued a 50-state report card titled, "Is America Ready to Vote?" It says that vast improvements have been made in voting technologies and procedures but warns that many states still are not ready.

The Republican Party, as it stands today, is very honest in this way, they tell you exactly who they are by what they accuse the other of being.


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