Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Stupid Vote

Some may find this insulting. Sorry. But the truth is, if you cannot figure out who to vote for by now you are stupid. If you can't figure out what the differences are between the two candidates by now — 12 days before the election — after 20 months of campaigning — you are stupid. Do us all a favor and stay home on election day. In 2000, this country had the CHOICE between Al Gore and George W. Bush. Let me say this again. WE had the CHOICE BETWEEN AL GORE AND GEORGE W. BUSH. And many chose GEORGE W. BUSH??? Dear God! Now that was stupid! Really, really STUPID!

So let's go over this again, if you are still confused right now about who to vote for, please, on election day: get a beer, watch tv — no, actually, don't watch tv (it might give you ideas and we don't want that!), sit in a corner somewhere, don't touch anything, and for God's sake — don't vote.


adn@n said...

American is going to elect their president. We are waiting and hoping, will they choose the right one, the president who will change the US as a military state to be a democratic state at home and foreign affairs, then praised by the whole world or not? Let us wait and see. In God we trust.

jenn said...

I think that America will elect Obama. Send many good thoughts our way. There are a lot of good people here being affected by a very few, small-minded — and, yes, stupid — people.

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