Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An Historic Night ... then Hillary

As I am busily rebuilding the bookstore on a new server I've been very quiet on this blog. Much is happening of which I have plenty to say. A lot of books have been released that I have an opinion on. Even with all of this I have remained silent as I busily work. One thing could drive me out of my silence to speak out: the completely ungracious, self-serving, arrogant behavior of Hillary Clinton last night.

Last night we should have been celebrating, as Americans, for the historic night that it was. This country -- THIS COUNTRY -- with its racist history and present, now has a black man as the Democratic Party's nominee for the Presidency! Oh ... my ... GOD! I never, ever thought that I would live to see this. And I mean NEVER! But here it is. It is a reality. Champagne for everyone!

Then there is Hillary...

Her ungracious behavior was astounding. She couldn't take the time to even congratulate Obama for his win. She did her best to try to make sure that last night was about her. Her speech last night was all about HER (while Obama's has been about "we"). She is the one that needs to demonstrate leadership here. She is the one that can help to pull the party together. But she didn't do that. The hardest thing about watching Hillary during this primary season is that she has been demonstrating all the characteristics of the person the Right has been seeing all along. Who knew they could be right about something?

And she has created a crazed band of followers. She is manipulating them for her own political gain (I suspect to get her out debt). Now, they are all insisting that they are being robbed of something instead of accepting the fact that she simply just lost. See here...

She used race and every other nasty form of politics to try to secure her nomination. It was an election that was built for her from the onset. Hillary is the reason why we had early election. Hillary is the reason why Florida got into the position they found themselves in. Hillary AGREED to the that those states elections would not count and SIGNED off on it. Now that she has lost she has is trying to manipulate people to her will! Yuck!

She lost, people. That is the end of the story. I was an Edwards supporter. I had to accept that he lost and left the primaries. I, like a good Democrat, had to find a new candidate that could win.

I tell ya, last night I was shocked. My mind told me that she might do something like that, but my heart said "no way, she loves her party and the country more than that." Evidently not so. She is a selfish, unpatriotic [word I can't say], undeserving of the high office. Good riddance to her!


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