Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Superdelegate doesn't give a damn what you think

Congressman Ed Towns is not exactly my favorite politician. I have to deal with him because he is the Congressman for my district. Oh, how I wish he wasn't. This guy is often on the wrong side of his constitutes on everything from CAFTA to the current election campaign. Though his district, New York District 10, went overwhelmingly to Obama, Ed Towns says he doesn't care and will place his superdelegate vote for Hillary.

From New York Times by Jonathan P. Hicks:
"Superdelegate Fight Seeps Into a Brooklyn Race" —

There is no question that the political climate of the Democratic nomination for president is seeping into contests within New York City. The latest example is in a Congressional race in Brooklyn, where Kevin Powell is seeking to unseat Representative Edolphus Towns, a longtime incumbent.

Mr. Towns, a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention, is under fire from Mr. Powell for his insistence on supporting Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, even though Senator Barack Obama received a majority of the vote in the primary in Mr. Towns’s congressional district.

We need to hold our elected officials to account. Kevin Powell is running for Congress against Towns and I think that he needs to be supported in this effort. Towns and his ilk, are part of the problem, not just the Republicans. The Democratic Party needs a house cleaning, too.


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