Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's this? Music from my radio?

This morning I tunned 91.5 FM (NYC) expecting to find my sedate Diane Rehm show, instead music came blaring from the station! The Diane Rehm show had grown on me since the demise of so many of my favorite shows on Air America (Morning Sedition and The Sam Seder Show). I must admit a kind of relief to hear "independent radio" again. It's been a long time since I there was music I could stomach on the radio. The new station is not bad. It's KEXP Radio Liberation from Seattle. They experience a few gliches now and then, but that goes with change. You can listen to them via the web also. I've never heard of KEXP before, but evidently lots of people have and they enjoy a happy following.

KEXP Radio Liberation: where music matters

Independent radio stations KEXP 90.3 FM in Seattle and Radio New York 91.5 FM have joined forces to create Radio Liberation, an unprecedented partnership dedicated to listeners and independent music.

Through Radio Liberation, Radio New York airs four KEXP-produced shows Monday through Friday on Radio New York. This partnership makes it possible for KEXP to reaching another 14 million terrestrial listeners in New York, sharing Seattle’s unique music community with New Yorkers and fulfilling the station’s mission to bring more great music to more listeners.

As part of Radio Liberation, KEXP and Radio New York will produce hundreds of live performances a year. With increased access to New York bands and touring artists, Radio Liberation will also bring additional “in-studio” performances by regional and touring artists to listeners on both coasts.

All of the other Radio Liberation programming is created specifically for Radio New York and does not affect KEXP programming on 90.3 FM in Seattle and online at KEXP.org.


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