Monday, March 3, 2008

Sorry I've been away...

I think that I just need to feel bad for a while. I think that I will feel bad about losing my cat for a long time. Either way I don't want to brood any more. It doesn't help. I miss the little guy a lot though. He was my company all day and since I work at home alone it's been especially lonely around here. And all this happened on our birthday (Riley and I shared the same birthday). I watched my little friend struggle in the hospital with liver failure and finally said good-bye when it was clear that he was suffering.

The trouble is no one tells you how to do this. How do you mourn the loss of your pet? You're afraid to talk about it with people because some laugh, thinking that's it silly to feel anything at all; they are pseudo-sympathetic, but you can feel their wonder at your sadness. It leaves me feeling alone and very depressed. I'm glad that I have Geoff to share Riley's loss with. I know he feels the pain of Riley's death terribly. Every evening as Geoff got home Riley was the first to greet him at the door. Riley always sat on his chest as he watched t.v. and drank his beer. And every so often I would catch them in a friendly game of cat-boxing. They were great buddies. I miss having that warm sense of home that a cat brings to house. Maybe we may get another cat someday but you really can't just replace a friend.

Anyway, I guess this is why we have blogs. So we can write about what we are really thinking and those that care can listen and those that don't can happily ignore you. So this is where I am right now, a very sad lady who misses her cat. I will try not to blog about it too much anymore and get back to talking about books and politics. There is so much to talk about right now. But it is really hard to think about the silliness that is going on in this election campaign when my heart is broken.


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