Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mrs. Obama, Don't Apologize to Noboby!

I just lost my little best friend so my emotions are a bit raw right now. So I hope this doesn't come out wrong. I just heard what Mrs. Obama said about this being the first time that she's been really proud America in the last 25 years and I say "You go on, girl!" I know exactly what you mean. I've been damned ashamed of the country, too. Damned ashamed. In the last 25 years, I've seen so much shit and I'm sick of it. This is not the country I bought into and fell in love with when I first read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights when I was a little girl.

I think I get the Obama phenom now. Young people are saying that their sick of it, too. I heard Mr. Wilson, the husband of Valerie Wilson the outed CIA agent, say that this was an election about "kicking the bums out." With all due respect, sir, no it isn't. This is an election about Americans looking in the mirror and not liking what we see. We don't want to torture people. We don't want preemptive war. We don't want poisons sold to us as food and medicine. We don't want to lie to our children about how their bodies work or how the earth was made. We don't want to the kind of people who let their fellow citizens drown in flood waters. We don't want to be the laughing stocks of the world. We want real music back, so the record companies can go to hell. We'll get our music from the internet. We want real leadership, so the DLC, RNC, GOP, NBC, CBS, FOX, and every other abbreviation can kiss my ass. I'll read a BLOG. We don't want to live like this anymore. In other words, we want a CHANGE! In the last 25 years there really hasn't been much to be proud of as Americans, but we are making a new day -- we, on the Internet. At least we are trying to and that's more than I could have said even just six years ago. I'm really sad right now so I guess I'll stop here.


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