Thursday, January 10, 2008

The National Year in Reading in the UK

2008 is the The National Year in Reading in the United Kingdom. Brilliant! (as the Brits would say!) What a fabulous idea. We so NEED to do this here in the US! (Thank you Literary Saloon for posting this info). I wonder what one needs to do to get something like this together here?


penandspindle said...

There is no reason why you or any one of us for that matter can't go ahead and create a National Year of Reading. It's the funding for advertising and getting the message into the public arena that is important and that is always the hardest to obtain. Always good to have government backing on these initiatives but, truly, this initiative can be brought into being by one person and a generous backer. It's worth thinking about.

jenn said...

Money is always the problem -- money and organization. Hum? Maybe after the election with a more responsible administration we can get something going.

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