Monday, January 14, 2008

The Media Does Not Want to Cover Edwards

Why are so many insistent that the this is a two-way race? After Iowa Hillary came in THIRD PLACE BEHIND John Edwards. Actually, it is a mistake to say that anyone came in any place, since this is a race for delegates and not a horse race. The delegate count is, as they stand today:

  • Obama: 25 delegates
  • Hillary: 24 delegates
  • Edwards: 18 delegates

This is a THREE WAY RACE and Edwards is still the best candidate. He is best on the economy, which is tanking (like we don't know that), the best on health care (actually all three are about the same), the best on the war, and the best on race relations (funny isn't it?)

How is Obama going to be this great savior for racial tension when black folks can't even talk to him now? (Where was he for the Jena 6? Why can't he have Jesse Jackson within a mile of him? How the hell is he going to benefit black folks when he is in office when we can't even talk to him now?)

How is Hillary this great role model for women when all her "experience" is based on the work of her husband? These are semi-superficial criticisms, I know, but it goes to show the slow but sure decline of this whole election.

The media doesn't want a John Edwards candidacy. He is a direct threat to the corporate take over of our country. And since he hasn't taken lobbyist money he is not able to pile on in the campaign ad back-and-forth in this nonsense. Therefore the corporate masters-of-the-media can't make their money off of him like they are with Obama and Hillary.

So, please, think people. Don't let the media make your decision for you.


Villager said...

I don't doubt that you are right in your basic premise that the mainstream media (MSM) isn't much interested in having John Edwards in the discussion.

However, you are factually incorrect about Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson(s). Jesse Jackson Jr. is state campaign manager for Obama campaign. Jesse Jackson Sr. endorsed Obama early in the process.

peace, Villager

jenn said...

Actually, I am factually correct about Jesse Jackson Sr. Although he has endorsed Obama, Obama has not called on him to campaign for him. It actually seems that Obama doesn't want him around. He said as much in an interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

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