Thursday, July 12, 2007

Randall Robinson's New Book on Haiti

Randall Robinson read at my store and I must admit that it was one of my proudest moments and a highlight in my experiences with the storefront. He read from his book The Debt and it was at my store that he and Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! met for the first time. And it turns out that Amy is an old College friend of Geoff's, my life partner. Who knew?

Anyway, Amy Goodman recorded the whole event for Democracy Now!. It was later that Randall Robinson and Maxine Waters spoke to Amy Goodman as they went on a private plane to get President Aristide from an airplane sitting on a tarmac in the Central African Republic. He had been virtually kidnapped by the US Gov't. Randall Robinson's new book An Unbroken Agony: Haiti, from Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President talks about that troubled land and their struggle for democracy and freedom.

On February 29, 2004, the democratically arrested president of Haiti was forced to leave the country as marauding bands of rebels-resplendent in their American military issue and brandishing new M16 and CAR-15 machine guns-descended on the capital of Port-au-Prince. Jean-Bertrand Aristide repeatedly sought aid from President Bush but, as Colin Powell put it, the United States had “frankly, no enthusiasm: for doing anything about what was transpiring in Haiti.”


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