Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bookslut dishes the dirt on Indie Press Survival

There is so much going on in the book world right now it's not funny. The PGW bankruptcy fallout is still being felt and will be into the near future. Bookslut gives the clearest explanation of its effects that I've seen to date and offers some encouraging news for us lovers of Indie Presses.

From Bookslut by Alexis Wiggins:
"Phoenix Rising: Indie Publishing in the Aftermath of PGW’s Bankruptcy" —

Despite the chaos and the acquisitions, the money down the tubes, and the inordinate amount of time, energy, and tears spent on this publishing bankruptcy disaster, a phoenix does seem to be emerging from the fire. Publishers both large and small, non-profit and for-profit, express excitement, hope, and relief about the future with Perseus. Morgan Entrekin of Grove/Atlantic fairly gushes over the new alliance: “We’ve now created the greatest option for independent publishing – and I’ve been in the independent publishing business for twenty-four years. We really have a better situation than I ever could have hoped for last fall. We keep all the PGW people and relationships, and the business is stable.”


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