Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bookshelves and Widgets

What is a bookshelf in

A bookshelf is a list of books on You can name this list and sort them in a variety of ways. Create a bookshelf as a wish list, a list of your favorite books, books that you want to read soon or suggest to others, or even a list of books that you don't like. Then you can email them to others.
What is a widget?
A widget is a functionality that you get from a third party, like for instance which can inject content onto your site or blog.
What is a bookshelf widget?
A bookshelf widget is a visual display of an bookshelf that can be put onto a blog or website.
Why did you do this?
Because I want to create a way that was free and fun to encourage people to read. Sure, I hope that it will get people to come to Indigo and buy books, but mostly I want to find a way to inject a little more excitement for readers who keep blogs. Why not show off those beautiful books you read?


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