Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Mud Spot

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Coffee in this city is amazingly bad. So to get a good cup you have to be willing to travel and know where to go. The Mud Truck has saved many a New Yorker from caffeine withdrawal. Those of us who live in NYC are familiar with the big orange Mud Truck that serves us some of the best coffee in town. But how many are aware of The Mud Spot? Yes, there is a place where you can sit and suck down as much of the wonderful brown elixir of the Gods in a cool relaxed setting. And when you get hungry you can order up a nice meal at a reasonable price. Not Bad.

The spot is a neat throw back to my days in Cambridge. In the back space there is a cozy room with lot of light that shines in from a glass roof. I spent a rainy afternoon there last week reading my book and drinking, seriously, the best mug of warm chai I've ever had while the sound of the Kinks resounded over the speakers (You remember them: "Lola", "Apeman", "You Really Got Me", etc.) I'm willing to travel from Brooklyn all the way to the East Village to hit this spot. Give it a try and tell them Jenn sent you!

The Mud Spot
307 East 9th Street
New York City 100003
(212) 228-9074


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