Friday, June 22, 2007

John Edwards Rally

John Edwards spoke at a rally here in NYC tonight. It only cost $15 to attend so Geoff and I went. Usually when Bill Clinton comes to town it's a $500 ticket. (Now, you know ain't nobody gonna see $500 outta me for no 20 min rally!) We got there in reasonable time and got seats next to these two older ladies, Esther and Dorothy. We talked friendly about politics and all agreed that this primary stuff is happening way too early. Then John came out...

For my money John Edwards is the best out of the pack. Can't stand Hillary for her stance on the war and general shadiness and Barack Obama is just too green. But John Edwards, there is a candidate that I can get behind. He hit all my talking points: a free college education for kids who are willing to work 10 hours a week, working on ending poverty, getting off our "addiction to oil", and ending this damn war. He even talked about micro loans to people in poor countries. What got to some people (Geoff said he saw some people wiping their eyes) was talking about America returning to being the world moral leader; we can't talk to anyone about their human rights violations when we have something like Guantanamo Bay, disappearing people, torturing people, and the government spying on its own citizens.

It was nice to see John (see I can call him John now ) and hear a politician talk about things that really resonate with me and feel that he's doing it because he really believes what he's says. I get that feeling from Obama but I think that he's getting surrounded by handlers. Yeah, John Edwards is the man. He's the man for me.


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