Wednesday, June 6, 2007

American Torture

Some of the things that have happened in Iraq I would rather not think about. I actually have nightmares about the white phosphorus attack on Falluja.

Now there is a new book, Fear Up Harsh: An Army Interrogator's Dark Journey Through Iraq, by a former American soldier, Tony Lagouranis, who has admitted to have committed torture in Iraq, sometimes even on children. He talks about screws in faces, lips being cut off, and faces being peeled off. Listen to his interview yesterday on The Diane Rehm show.

Just about everything that happens ends up in a book somewhere. It's the easiest place to hide information, right there in front of everyone. Information is no good if no one reads it and how do you look for something that you don't know exists? Usually, when I learn of a book that I think is important, I put it into the store, try to feature it, and sell it, and that would be it. Now, thanks to this blog, I can also say in my own words how I feel about it. As a country we have to be better than this. This is wrong. It is indefensible. We have to keep pushing to make this war come to an end and never, ever, ever do something like this again. There are good people here in America. We have just not been acting like it.

Now you know what I know. Tag, your it...


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