Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New books in the store

I noticed that all of yesterday's new books were from women. I assure you that it was purely a coincidence. Today, I'll try to make up for it — for balance sake. Here are some new titles that I've including to the store:

Falling Man by Don DeLillo. When he read from his new book at the PEN Festival, it totally pulled the audience down. It sounded really well written but it's such a somber topic. I've been waiting for the fiction that will eventually come out about 9/11. I'm sure that there will be many as so many authors (as well as myself and my whole neighborhood) were witnesses to that day. I'm sure that he deals with this topic well but it might still be too soon for me.

The 2005 title All That is Gone: Stories by Pramoedya Ananta Toer is a constant contender for the Nobel Prize in Literature. (Who knew?) This is a collection of stories about life in Indonesia.

The Inner Life of Martin Frost: A Film by Paul Auster. This book is in conjunction with a film directed by Mr. Auster. I've just read that he now has a distributor for it. So look for it in the theaters soon. (He supposedly lives right here in Brooklyn in the next neighborhood over from me although I've never seen him.) I've also included a novel he put out last year that I missed, The Brooklyn Follies.


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Thanks for the tip on are right about 'who knew?'

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