Friday, May 18, 2007

New books in the store

I just put in a few new titles into the store. I put in Anchee Min's new fictional depiction of the last Empress of China called, appropriately, The Last Empress which is a sequel to her 2005 book the Empress Orchid. I also posted a short book review in "Columns & Reviews" for Severance by Robert Olen Butler (thanks, Geoff!), a collection of short stories about the last thoughts of well-known characters who had been decapitated such as Anne Boleyn and Nicole Brown Simpson. (Rather a dark topic, don't you think?)

And I also entered some new biographies:

And a new biography about Warren Zevon called I'll Sleep When I'm Dead by Crystal Zevon for which there is a nice little book review on the blog
"The Literary Word":
Rarely have I seen such a turbulent yet surprising life. Turbulent because of his substance abuse and habit of acting without much thought for those around him. Surprising because through it all, you can't help but feel the love and respect that most in his life seem to hold for him.


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