Friday, May 11, 2007

I Don't Trust the Cervical Cancer Vaccine ... Never Did

An FDA that is unwilling to examine food is not fit to suggest that a cervical cancer vaccine is ready for prime time. I have been very suspicious that the laws being suggested to FORCE young girls take this experimental drug. Girls who are not even sick. (Since the FDA is not doing it's job right now I think that any drug they approved over the last 7 years is experimental and possibly dangerous.) It used to take years to pass through the FDA. Now drugs are passed, it seems without much examination at all. And new drugs are marketed to women like they are cosmetics.

I think that the cervical cancer vaccine is a lawsuit in a bottle. I've never trusted it. And as a woman, I am disgusted that drug companies continue to play with our bodies and lives. It turns out that my suspicions have been well founded since it seems that the drug needs more testing to see if it even works! I think that it is dangerous and is playing Russian roulette with women's lives.

From a May 10, 2007 San Francisco Chronicle report:
"UCSF doctors warn on wide use of cervical cancer vaccine" —

Nearly a year after a controversial cervical cancer vaccine won federal approval and hit the market to a whirlwind of interest from doctors and parents, at least two UCSF physicians are warning against widespread use of the drug until much more extensive studies are complete.

In an editorial published in today's New England Journal of Medicine, the UCSF doctors suggest that there are still too many questions about both the efficacy and the long-term safety of the vaccine, called Gardasil, to warrant making it mandatory for all girls -- as has been suggested in several states, including California.

From a May 11, 2007 Newsday report:
"Doubts on HPV vaccine" —

In an editorial published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine, Drs. George F. Sawaya and Karen Smith-McCune of the University of California, San Francisco, say the Gardasil issue produces more questions than answers.
Even though the FDA reviewed reams of data before approving the vaccine last year, clinical studies are still under way, Smith-McCune said, adding that "while the trials are ongoing, mandatory vaccination is premature."

On The Diane Rehm Show, the Director of the FDA admitted that 20% of the funding of the FDA comes from industry. How about 0% coming from industry?! How can an agency designed to inspect and regulate drugs be getting monies from drug companies?

Wherein the cervical cancer vaccine is concerned, there is too much conflicted information about it. This is a extremely contrary situation. We have an administration that pushes abstinence only before marriage and doesn't even want to give out condoms, yet it is pushing a drug to girls to prevent a cancer that is contracted from having sex. Think very, very carefully before you expose yourself or your daughter to this drug. Has anything in the last 7 years of this administration and it's agencies done to indicate that they give a damn about anything more than money?


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