Thursday, May 10, 2007

Entering Next Season's (Fall 2007) Books

I just began enter into the store books due out next season, Fall 2007. It feels good to finally be ahead of the curve for a change. I'm usually scrambling to catch up because I've been working on the backlist stuff for so long. The backlist for a store is are books that a base part of the store -- books that make up the character of the store and we know we can pretty much sell over and over. The frontlist of a store are new books to the store that we hope one day to be a part of the backlist.

What is really great about being ahead on the non-fiction titles is that it gives me more time to look at the fiction titles. And there are a lot of great books to check out. I find that Grove and Harcourt are always great presses to start looking at for fiction titles. Then I'll start looking at other presses including the very small independent presses.

Keep checking the "In Print Soon" section to see the new upcoming titles!


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