Friday, April 20, 2007

Nick Drake's Pink Moon

I hate it when I find out about wonderful things late, as seems to be the case with Nick Drake (June 19, 1948 – November 25, 1974). I love singer songwriters like Joni Michell, early James Taylor, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, et al. Now I have one more to add to my list. Listening to "Pink Moon" to me is like falling into a sad, quiet dream. I think that if Neil Gaiman wrote songs it would sound something like this. It's hard to believe that Nick Drake, alone, created this beautiful melodic music. I miss him and I didn't even know that he existed until two weeks ago.

Open up the broken cup
let goodly sin and sunshine in
yes, that's today
and open wide the hymns you hide
you'll find renown while people frown
at things that you say
but say what you'll say
about the farmers and the fun
and the things behind the sun
and the people round your head
who say everything's been said
and the movement in your brain
sends you out into the rain

    — Nick Drake from Things Behind the Sun


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