Thursday, April 5, 2007

Dreaming about Clarion

Damn. I didn't think that this was getting to me. It has. I couldn't sleep last night so I got up and I fell asleep again in the morning. Then I had this long involved dream about my Clarion West application. It ended with Geoff getting an envelope with Clarion's answer as to whether I got in or not. The envelope had all kinds of hand-written notes on it. I started to freak ... in my dream ...then I heard the chanting of Native Americans, I tried to put the radio on mute ... then I woke up. The Indigenous Radio Show was on WBAI. My heart was beating fast. I think that this application has gotten to me. What d'you think?

Geoff and I agreed that whether I get into Clarion West or not, we should go out for a nice dinner and have a glass of wine to celebrate me being brave enough to apply.

But this waiting is a killer...


Cavan said...

Hey, I applied to CW this year, too. The nerves certainly take a beating while waiting to hear back, don't they?

Good luck on your app. Fingers crossed.

jenn said...

Thanks. Good luck with yours, too.

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