Thursday, March 29, 2007

The state of Indigo

Here is the heart of it. This is the real reason that I started this blog. I need to exercise some demons. Confession is good for the soul (let the church say "Amen"!) Indigo has been driving me crazy! I love my store but, (shh!) I think I hate it, too. I has taken over my life and I really don't like that. It is only lately that I have figured out some ways to find ME again: I've been writing this novel, I joined Clarion's Virtual Workshop, and there are some Meetups that I'm thinking of attending.

As for Indigo, it's been in a state of hiatus for a number of months now. For a long time I just couldn't even look at it. The book industry is falling apart. I feel like only people in the industry know this. Most don't want to admit it and act like nothing is wrong. But if this keeps up it will be gone.

God, I can barely write about this. Indigo has been a true act of love and some people have seen that, most have not. I need to find a balance in my life so that what happends to Indigo doesn't suck me in, too.

I'll probably write about this more in the future but I think that I'll let it rest for now.


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