Thursday, October 30, 2008

The End of "Opus"

Sunday, Nov 2nd will be the end of the cartoon strip "Opus" and I feel awful about it. I didn't even know that it was back. Ignorant me didn't know that my favorite pudgy penguin had been revived by Berkeley Breathed and had been back in print since 2003.

From Salon by Kerry Lauerman:
"The end of "Opus"" —

Sure, it's been an unnaturally long run for a penguin. Opus, who started with a bit part in Breathed's Pulitzer-winning "Bloom County" (1980-89), starred in "Outland" (1989-95) and finally took center stage in "Opus" (2003-08). But for those of us accustomed to seeing our own thoughts -- and fears, hopes and simmering anger -- take flight in the broken-nosed face of a penguin every week, there's no preparation for his exit, only mourning.

Bloom County was how I survived the Reagan and Bush years. I sure would have loved to read it during the Bush years. God, any amount of funny would have been welcome. See the archives of "Opus" here.


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