Monday, October 20, 2008

Colin Powell endorses Obama ... Big Woop

Great that he endorsed Obama. Good for him. I still can't stand Powell. What a disappointment he has been. Actually a disaster. I knew I was going to have major problems with him as Secretary of State when he left the conference on racism in 2001 (I personally think was the last straw that led to 9/11, but I digress). Then for Powell to perpetrate a fraud on the UN and the American people -- the world -- with his presentation that helped to lead us into this terrible war ... well, God may forgive him, but I never will. As a fellow Jamerican (that is Jamaican-American) I am very ashamed of him. His kids are rotten, too. Michael Powell, that means you.

So, yay, he endorsed Obama -- at the last possible minute. What, he smelled which way the wind's blowing and he's looking for a job? Don't give it to him, Obama. He ain't worth it.


Melissa said...

This was a long time coming, but I am sure glad that it finally did and his reasons couldn't be more perfect. :)

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