Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh, and about the Edwards affair, WTF cares?

We've had a gov't that has robbed us blind, basically turned us into a third world nation, and CNN is worried about a fucking affair? Just what the hell is their problem?!!! Gas prices are sky high and we don't even know what our energy plan is. (Yeah, that energy plan. The one that was worked out — in secret — by Dick Cheney and whomever else he invited to the champagne party in his office.) We are at war in TWO counties that has killed thousands over a LIE and CNN is worried about an affair? FUCK YOU, CNN! FUCK ALL OF YOU!!


Chris said...

Right on. I am getting so tired of this petty bickering about John Edwards's marital issues. Jane Debauchette has a great post on the topic, where she says something that we need to take to heart:

The Marquis de Sade, with his talent for weaving political commentary with necrophilia, feels eerily relevant here with his remarks on mass distraction in Juliette (1797). (And I suppose I’m invoking de Sade, rather than Huxley or Marx, because there’s something excellent in crossing de Sade’s filth with Edwards’ pretty, hangdog face.) In a lecture to King Ferdinand of Naples, Juliette denounces the king’s policy of keeping the subjects of his kingdom distracted. “You fear the powerful eye of genius. That is why you encourage ignorance,” she says. “It’s opium you feed your people, so that, drugged, they do not feel their injuries.” Ignorance is the opiate of the masses here, and since there is nothing to be gained from intelligent thought, “a taste for trivial things replaces a taste for great things.” Much like gossip, our own opiate. We skew our tastes down and shovel it in, one headline at a time.

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