Monday, April 28, 2008

Rev. Wright Speaks

Rev. Wright Speaks and the mainstream press wishes he wouldn't. The more he speaks, the more he destroys the narrative that they have been building. The more Rev. Wright speaks, the more he delegitimizes the corporate media that has painted him as a radical, a racist, and practically the devil himself. They created a two-dimensional image of a raving lunatic. (and yes, I'm talking about political programs on MSNBC: Chris Mathews and his ilk with apologies to Keith Olbermann) When he speaks, he becomes a full bodied human being of extraordinary character. A man who has built a church that services his community and who speaks a truth about the America we live in that is hard for many to hear. Now everyone is hearing him and his message. Out of evil comes forth good.

From The Associated Press by NEDRA PICKLER:
"Wright says criticism is attack on black church" —

Asked about some of the comments after the terrorist attacks, Wright challenged the reporter questioning him.

"Have you heard the whole sermon? No? The whole sermon?" he responded. When the reporter shook her head, he said, "That nullifies that question."

He said criticism comes from people who only have heard sound bites playing repeatedly on television and have never listened to his entire sermons.

Bill Moyers last week did what every reporter should have done: he interviewed Rev. Wright. (God bless you, Bill Moyers!) Let us, the viewing public, hear him speak and judge for ourselves if this is the crazed lunatic that he has been portrayed to be. This is actually an important issue since Barak Obama's argument for leadership is based on his judgement. If he has chosen a church for himself and his family that is full of unpatriotic war-mongers we should know. Guess What? It's not. What a surprise. This whole situation is disgusting. The media should be put on notice that the internet is here and there are ways to cross check you and, your twists of the truth, your spin, and your down right lies. I first got to see an extended view of Rev. Wright's sermon from a blogger, not the press, a blogger. I expect politicians to lie. I also expect the media to look into the story and find out the truth, you know, DO THEIR JOBS.

If it wasn't clear before, it should be clear now that the corporate media are not to be trusted. They are in league with the power elite; they are the power elite. And their interests are not the same as the peoples.

See the interview and read the transcript from the Bill Moyers Journal interview with Rev. Wright.


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