Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I want to Believe...

The famous quote from the X-Files character Fox Molder is all I've been thinking since the whole Barack Obama phenomenon began. I want to Believe... but the truth is I'm still not sure. This is not about Hillary — I really don't like the woman's politics — it's about him. His policies just don't seem very progressive. I'm afraid that people will be expecting this huge change (as promised) and not get what they hoped for. The feeling I hear echoed in Krugman's last column.

From New York Times by Paul Krugman:
"Deliverance or Diversion?" —

If Mr. Obama does make it to the White House, will he actually deliver the transformational politics he promises? Like the faith that he can win an overwhelming electoral victory, the faith that he can overcome bitter conservative opposition to progressive legislation rests on very little evidence — one productive year in the Illinois State Senate, after the Democrats swept the state, and not much else.

I guess I an old fogy. I've been rejoicing in the renewed enthusiasm for politics that I've witnessing. But I also live in fear that once the realities of politics hit home to the young people who have been doing all the heavy lifting (let's face it this is the truth DLC) that they will drop out as cynics. Yet there is that "Hope" factor. I know that it's been beaten out of me. I just have a funny feeling about this whole thing. I guess I would feel better if I was hearing more about poverty and working against the corporate thieves a.k.a. John Edwards. Since he left the stage, it feels like so many of the issues that I care about left with him. But I digress... I think that Obama is the candidate that I have to support. It's not "a hold your nose" support, it more a "can you really deliver? pleeeease don't disappoint" vote. He is, in my opinion, our best hope not just to win the general election, but to save our country.


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