Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Basket of Leaves will be available in the US!

A Basket of Leave: 99 books that capture the spirit of Africa by Geoff Wisner will be available in the US! Yay! has been the only place to get the book in America, but now your local bookseller (and yes Amazon and B&N) will be able to carry it also. It will be available around April 1. (Full disclosure, Geoff is my partner.)

So go out there and get this book! Do it for me! Do it for you! Do it for Geoff! Do it for love! Or just do it! (Hee! Hee!)

Booksellers can get it from Independent Publishers Group

London Review Bookshop says—

"Geoff Wisner, who spent many years working for an anti-apartheid organisation, presents a unique literary tour of Africa. Every country is represented by at least one book, and Nigeria, with nine selections, has the most. Not all of the books are by Africans, although the majority are; Wisner’s selection criteria stipulate only that each book should have something revealing to say about each country, and that they should each have literary merit in themselves. Every book gets a lucid prĂ©cis, followed by a short extract. A Basket of Leaves is an invaluable resource for anyone thinking of visiting Africa, as well as a practical demonstration of the continent’s astonishing diversity."


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