Monday, November 19, 2007

Gore Goes to the White House

Al Gore is going to the White House. No, not the way that we want, but the reason why he is going is sweet never-the-less. Gore is going to the White House to be honored for being a Nobel Prize Winner. Yes, this is quite delicious.

From The New York Times:
"Gore Plans for a Date at the White House" —

President Bush and former Vice President Al Gore have spoken just a few times since the evening of Dec. 13, 2000, when Mr. Gore conceded the presidential race, five weeks and a Supreme Court ruling after the voting had ended.

But one week from Monday, they will meet in the Oval Office for a ceremony honoring this year’s American Nobel laureates, including Mr. Gore, who shared the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on climate change.

I've made some peace with what happened in the election of 2000 ... well, actually, no I haven't. It was nothing short of a coup d'état. But for today, I will settle for the sweetness of the "shrub" having to honor Gore for his achievements. Yes!


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Canada!!
Life has a strange way of righting plans gone a stray! Congratulations to Mr Gore and the UN Agency for bringing to the world's attention once again "climate change and global warming".
Kyoto must be revisied and approved to halt the toxins killing the earth and us.
J.K. Bridson, Windsor, ON CA

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