Friday, October 26, 2007

March To End The War

Saturday | October 27, 2007
Protest Against The War
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"Wake up, sheeple!" — Marc Maron

I am really tired of hearing the mantra through the mainstream media that the American people have not come out to protest this war. Over and over the pundits and reporters alike repeat the saying that young people have been content to not come out against this war. Americans have been portrayed as iPod wearin'/PSP playin'/Coca Cola drinkin' lazy apolitical bums. This is so not true. The truth is that there have been many large protests against this war since before it even began. Mainstream media chooses not to show them on TV, so its like it never happened.

... after all, the Iraq war is the first war in hundreds of years of Western history, at least the first one I can think of, which was massively protested before it was officially launched. And it actually was underway, we have since learned, but it wasn’t officially underway. But it was huge, millions of people protesting it all over the world, so much so that The New York Times lamented that there's a second superpower: the population. Well, you know, that's significant and, I think, gives good reason for hope.

Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now! April 17th, 2007

People, it's time for this nonsense to end. Many already know that you can't believe what you see on TV. But even more than that, you can trust that the TV news is showing you everything that is happening either. Have you ever seen any of the huge protest marches on TV? The ones that happened on:

This weekend another large country-wide protest is scheduled for October 27th. Check for one in your area and be there! But more than that, be there with cameras! Take pictures and video and put them on you websites and blogs. Let the world know that the American people are against this war. Let Americans know that Americans are against this war. Use the power of the Internet to show just how biased mainstream media is. Show the pictures of protest that the media refuses to show.


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