Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lucky Dube dies

Lucky Dube was a superstar, at least he was in Africa and most parts of the world. The US barely knew he was alive. Yet his music has inspired millions. I attended a Lucky Dube concert in Boston many years ago. He gave it his all to get the drowsy, conservative Boston crowd to move in the hot afternoon sun and enjoy his hypnotic reggae beat. He may not have moved them, but he moved me and I was converted to gospel of Lucky. His songs like his predecessor Bob Marley was political in nature and gave "voice to the voiceless." His music had a wicked sweetness that caught you in your underbelly and stayed with you in your soul. So it is with great shock that I learned that Luck Dube was murdered in his hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa last Friday...

From PRI's The World reported by Marco Werman:
"South African reggae superstar murdered" —

(you need Window Media Player) Last night's carjacking and murder in Johannesburg of South Africa's reggae superstar Lucky Dube has shocked his fans worldwide.


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