Monday, August 27, 2007

Gonzales resigns

So Gonzales resigns. First Rove and now Gonzales. I don't feel like dancing for joy. Gonzales' resignation is a sign that the efforts of those that truly believe in democracy is beginning to work. But the resignation really means nothing to the overall policy of the current administration. They will just replace Gonzales with someone who is just like him — rumor has it that Gonzales successor might be Chertoff. Great.

The real reasons behind the recent smattering of resignations from members of the administration and Bush's inner circle has a lot to do with the prosecutor dismissal scandal. Black folks have always known that the GOP/The right wing/The white supremacists/The power elite, or whatever you want to call them, have never had a love for democracy. To them 'the vote' is an annoyance that must be suppressed, and the democratic process should be subverted, not just overseas, but within the US as well.

One case that has only just risen to public awareness that demonstrates the administration's total disregard for even the trappings of democracy is the situation of the jailed former Democratic Governor of Alabama Don Siegelman.

From a Democracy Now! transcript of an interview with Scott Horton, Columbia law professor and a contributor to Harper's magazine:
"Political Prosecution? Justice Dept Holds onto Docs in Case of Jailed Alabama Governor Siegelman" —

It now looks increasingly like he was a target of a political vendetta that reached into and involved the Department of Justice in a political prosecution.

... And [William Canary, the head of the Business Council of Alabama] stated in this conversation that he had talked to Karl [Rove], and Karl had spoken to the Department of Justice, and they didn't have to worry about Don Siegelman anymore. He was going to be taken care of. And he went on to say, “My girls are going to take care of Siegelman.”

... Well, in fact, the US attorney who brought the case against Siegelman is Laura Canary, his wife, and the action was also joined in an earlier phase by Alice Martin, the US attorney in the Northern District of Alabama, a woman, by the way, who is currently under investigation for perjury, who also is very, very close to Canary. So this linked the case directly to Karl Rove and to political motivation.

...of course, this all came up on the national scene as a result of an investigation into the dismissal of eight US attorneys, in which Rove was deeply involved. Of course, subsequently, we’ve learned, it’s probably a dozen or more than a dozen, not just eight.

... The Department of Justice went after prominent Democratic elected officials and disregarded corruption that surrounded Republican officials. And, you know, this is one of the real centers of the Abramoff scandal, with a mass diversion of funds and casino gambling money going into the coffers of the Alabama Republican Party, not investigated, not dealt with, not charged.

The American people need to make sure that they continue to fight and speak out for a true democracy. The real danger now is the likelihood of people falling back to sleep having been given a few tokens of contrition on the part of the power elite in the the US. Gonzales was nothing. Government policy will not change with his absence. What we, the people, need to do is to make sure that when Congress returns from their summer break that they continue their investigations and tie up the hands of those who would take us to war with Iran.


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