Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Had a good writing session today

I went to the public library here in Brooklyn and got some writing work done. I guess I'm back on schedule. Yay! I actually started a new book. I don't want to stop working on my old book but this new one is looking interesting. I'm doing something that I didn't expect which is injecting humor into the story line. I realize that I was cutting my teeth on my previous book. It was a big surprise to me that I could even write a book. Now that I know that I can, I want to keep going.

I've even been playing with the idea of going to graduate school for creative writing but it is soooo expensive even the state schools are out of reach. I'm not even sure what I would get out of it, anyway. I think and think and think and balance the pros and cons of going back to school for an MFA and talk myself out of it every time. I seem to be doing okay just writing on my own.

My only fear is not finishing my books. I've come so much farther than I thought I ever could. I just want to finish them. I'm not sure how to. But then again I didn't know how to start and I did that. Anyway, that's what I'm thinking about right now.


paisley said...

oh please dont quit... you are so smart,, and i can just tell from the little bit of your blog i read before i got to this post,, you can put words together,,, just keep doing it... i cant write anything that long... i know it is out of reach for me... but if you think you can you can!!!!!!!

jenn said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I really appreciate the encouragement. I so need it and it really helps!

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