Monday, May 14, 2007

Black and Male in America: A 3-Day National Conference

Friday, June 15 - Sunday, June 17, 2007
Brooklyn, New York
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PLEASE NOTE: Friday and Sunday programs open to males AND females OF ALL AGES. All day Saturday workshops are FOR MALES ONLY (except Saturday night event, which is open to everyone).

TOPICS to be covered at the 3-Day National Conference:

  • Redefining Black manhood in the 21st century
  • Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health and Wellness
  • Hiphop Culture vs. The Hiphop Industry
  • Stopping and Preventing Violence Against Each Other
  • Stopping and Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls
  • The importance of MENTORING Black boys and young Black men
  • What IS a Black Father? What should his role be in the family, the community?
  • The prison-industrial complex: What is it?
  • Black male-female relationships
  • Employment, Education, and the Economics of Being A Black Male
  • Bridging the Gap between the Hiphop Generation & the Civil Rights Generation
  • Depression and suicide in the Black male community
  • The role of sports and entertainment in the lives of Black males

Community-based organizations and programs will be tabling information around mentoring opportunities, G.E.D. and literacy, legal aid services, job training and employment, and much more.

There will also be FREE diabetes, high-blood pressure, HIV/AIDS and other testings for Black males at the conference.


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