Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ah, Republicans... what can you do?

For anyone who plans to watch that steaming-hot-pot-o'-crazy called the Republican party debate tonight, my hat is off to you. You have more stomach than I do. That bunch that has driving us down the highway to hell can do without me. There is nothing for them to say to me, for me, or about me that lands anywhere on this side of reality. So I'll be reading my book instead.

But one thing I would like to know, is anyone really taking these guys seriously? Is it me or does it seem like they would have to rig every last machine in the country to win in 2008? (Don't laugh, that might very well be the plan.) As far as I can see the only hope they have of winning is if the Democrats put Hillary Clinton up as the nominee. She is so reviled that a Republican could actually stand a chance. So please don't do this. Put someone up that can win. I know that winning is a strange strategy that the Democrats haven't tried in a long while but I think that this is a good suggestion.

John Edwards is the man for the job. He could take it. I pretty sure he can win in a general election. Then let this group of Republican crazies go back under the rock that they crawled out of and stay there for a while.


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