Saturday, April 21, 2007

Please stop eating meat for a while...

One thing that I noticed about the Chinese, they don't eat the stuff that they sell to Americans themselves. They think of food as medicine and not just a culinary delight. "Eat this, it's good for you." I would hear as a child. I don't hear that anymore.

Please read Fast Food Nation or at least look at the back cover. The FDA is just not doing its job right now so please for God's sake stop eating red meat. Especially do not allow your children to eat ground beef. The stuff is very dangerous.

From an April 21, 2007 Medical News Today report:

After five children in Napa Country (USA) became infected with E. coli after eating hamburgers at Little League baseball snack shacks, authorities have recalled approximately 100,000 pounds of frozen ground beef patties in five states. The patties were produced in April-May 2006, by Merced-based Richwood Meat Co. Inc, and are to be found in California, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

I gave up meat about two years ago and have not regretted for a day. (Although I do still miss the taste of bacon but it's just not worth it.) Our country is eating a lot of garbage -- literally. And now that the FDA is not inspecting the meat and other foodstuffs that we are eating. Food can become lethal. You can get anything from a bacterial infection to cancer and the government that we have trusted to ensure the safety of our food is simply not doing their job. Just look at the recent list of the bacterial outbreaks that we know of:

The FDA Commissioner Andrew C. Von Eschenbach was on the Diane Rehm show and it is clear that he is in the pocket of industry. Your only chance of getting a decent meal is to pay attention to everything that you put into your mouth and try to eat locally grown food.

Update: From a April 22, 2007 report from the Washington Post FDA Was Aware of Dangers To Food.


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