Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Obama almost matches Hillary's money!

“But baby I don’t need your cash”
— Tori Amos From Big Wheel

This weekend for some reason the money raised by the Presidential candidates is a big deal. The politico's think that this next election is going to be about money. Ha! Ha! Ha! The fools. This election, for the first time in my lifetime, is actually going to be about the issues. But I must admit that I am shocked that this weekend Obama raised just about as much as Hillary — $25 million to her $26 million. He put off announcing the amount he raised for a day. That's seems to be a good move. Let Hillary sound off on how much she raised and prance around like she is a big deal then let Big Daddy come home with his bread!

It's not that I don't like Hillary. I think that she has been an okay Senator for New York. My problem with her is:

  1. Her stance on the war
  2. The way she has just assumed that the presidency is hers
  3. The way the Clintons have taken black people for granted over the years.

They have a long history of abandoning us when we need them and then just assuming that we just love them no matter what they do. I'm glad that Obama is "kicking ass". (Hillary not all black people want to kiss your ass.) The Clinton's need to offer us something to get our support this time, and as of yet, I don't see anything. Most certainly nothing that would pull us away from supporting Obama, one of our own.

Personally, I hope that John Edwards becomes the nominee and that Barack Obama becomes John Edward's running mate. I don't want anything to happen to Obama and I think that if there was a real chance of him being elected that he would be shot. This country is violently racist and I believe that someone would try to kill the man. Maybe if he spends a couple of terms in the Vice Presidency he could stand a chance in office without being killed.


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