Thursday, April 12, 2007

Air America Makes It Too Hard to Love Them

I think that I'm numb to their idiocy, now. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of Air America. We really need an liberal alternative to the conservative media machine. But it's just too hard to deal with the various personalities that have managed the place.

When they took Liz Winsted off the air they had this Stalin-esc period when she was "disappeared" from all the marketing materials and it was pretty obvious that the on air personalities were forbidden to speak her name. When they took Morning Sedition off the air I went into complete denial. I was practically in the fetal position for months trying to convince myself that this was just an elaborate practical joke. I'm still not over that. Now, it is Sam Sedar's turn to be axed. The last day for his show will be tomorrow.

I understand if a show isn't doing well you need to take it off the air. Business is business. But in most of these cases the shows where doing very well. They just didn't fit into what "Big Liberal Brother" thinks is appropriate for liberal listeners. I totally understood Marc Maron's need to sever all connections to the free-fall that is Air America.

"Morning Sedition" and "The Sam Sedar Show" were the only shows that were truly fun and would have interesting guests that weren't all political pundants. Look, we all know that Bush is an asshole, but he will also be gone in two years no matter what. We need to build institutions that will endure. So hint, Air America, don't treat your listeners like shit; which is what you're doing when you treat our beloved on air personalities like shit.

I was hoping that purchasing Air America might temper Mark Green's need to be a blowhard. Wishful thinking. He is one of the few people I can think of that if he went to dinner by himself he would need two place settings: one for himself and another for his ego. So now he has a new platform for himself. Great.

I'll still pop my head in once and a while and listen to Randi Rhodes, Thom Hartman, and Rachel Maddow. But there's no love for Air America anymore, knamean.


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